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As you improve your skills at picking up feelings from plants and trees you will discover that plant energies within ecosystems gather into energy guilds. Often these guilds are strongest around Mother Trees. Like all plants, trees provide energy emissions, which also carry communication between themselves and others.

We really have a lot to learn about how everything works – and how everything is connected. Join us for a presentation about the importance of Mother Trees.
The Mother Tree Hub is a wildcrafting incubator located in British Columbia. It performs support activities in wild areas within 30 countries.

The Wildcraft Forest has incubated social enterprise, as well as creative and research activities for over thirty years, however, the formal incubator is now 10 years old. Today as a function of the Wildcraft Forest Foundation, the Mother Tree Hub develops and delivers conservation and enterprise efforts which creates greater values from a living wild forest as opposed to an industrialized woodland that is eventually killed and destroyed.

As far as we know, the Mother Tree Hub is the only wildcrafting incubator in the world and it is a practical stewardship solution in the wake of Earth changes and climate change.

We are a new generation of people eager to be lifelong stewards of wildlands on planet Earth. We seek to be part of the solution by providing the work required to restore and regenerate ecosystems as a means to strengthen the meaning and purpose that resides in our soul.

The Wildcraft Forest has been supporting this effort through a growing network of Yasei Sanctuary Forests which offers participants meaning, purpose, livelihood and resilience which includes spirit, sentience, science, semiotics, stewardship and sanctuary, all linked to ancient wisdom and the natural world.

Yasei Sanctuary Forests are not only spiritual temples supported by nature, but they are providing new values, qualities and systems that are strengthening the desire for protecting standing forests as living organisms within a 300 year stewardship plan. At the Wildcraft Forest we understand that everything is connected.

The Mother Tree Hub represents the instrument that delivers the foundational work for this mission.

At the Mother Tree Hub we consider that food, medicine and shelter security are directly related to the health and regeneration of nature and her wildlands. This integration depends on tangible relationships between people and nature. The work of the Mother Tree Hub includes aspects of wildlands and habitat recovery, regenerative agriculture and agroforestry, technology and education, and the creation and production of new foods, medicines and shelter. All of this effort places the needs of nature first.

The following represents the present Mother Tree Hub working cells which are functioning within different levels of development. Each cell has a cluster of activities. These cells include:

  • Education and Research
  • Online Services and Publishing
  • Wild Plant Nursery
  • Medicinal Distillery and Wild Microbe Repository
  • Medicinal Tea Treatments Product Line
  • Medicinal Bodywork Treatment Product Line

In addition to these working cells we have various development initiatives and services that we deliver.

Projects – Explore our various special projects and partnerships.

Tools – We provide many tools which can be downloaded so that you can learn about nature, Mother Trees and a regenerative approach to stewardship.

Library – Visit our library section where there are articles, downloads and videos about a regenerative approach to stewardship.

Innovation driven by these activities are linked to the six pillars of Earth work and represents the driving force behind the Wildcraft Forest and the Mother Tree Hub - Stewardship, Science, Spirit, Sanctuary, Semiotics and Sentience. 

The Mother Tree Hub assists individuals with their efforts to dwell closer to nature and to develop enterprise that both rewilds nature and delivers ongoing regenerative stewardship.

The incubator interacts with the Wildcraft Forest School and Extension Services and contains both a residency program and an online program. Both programs seek to develop leadership within individuals and encourages small footprint lifestyle options while creating forms of social enterprise that links nature with agriculture, medicine and services which support a living Sanctuary Forest.

Wildcrafter in Residence Placement

Participants are supported in their effort to create a lifestyle strategy that includes social enterprise. The term of residence which is generally part-time is 10 years. In this time they design, problem-solve and construct a small footprint off-the-grid studio in keeping with the natural environment found within the Wildcraft Forest.

Successful Residency applicants will submit a proposal for entry and once approved will be supported by a variety of incubator services. Participants are required to develop designs and strategies that clearly outline their intentions related to both living and enterprise.

Participants are required to engage with the development, stewardship and maintenance of the Wildcraft Forest, this is recognized as being part of the forest community.

Remote Residency: Incubator Services Online

The Mother Tree Hub provides extension services online so that participants can be coached as they build enterprise and environmental efforts in distant places. This form of Remote Residency is supported through online chats, webinars and even fieldworking sessions.

Successful Remote Residency applicants will submit a proposal for entry and once approved will be supported by a variety of incubator services. Participants are required to develop designs and strategies that clearly outline their intentions related to both living and enterprise.


If you believe that you might benefit from the Mother Tree Hub and you are willing to expand your relationship with nature please contact us. 

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