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As you improve your skills at picking up feelings from plants and trees you will discover that plant energies within ecosystems gather into energy guilds. Often these guilds are strongest around Mother Trees. Like all plants, trees provide energy emissions, which also carry communication between themselves and others.

We really have a lot to learn about how everything works – and how everything is connected. Join us for a presentation about the importance of Mother Trees.
Welcome to the Mother Tree Hub Open Access Library. This digital library provides information that will help the public understand the ecosystems within the Okanagan, Shuswap and Monashee Regions of British Columbia. This library presents a special focus on stewardship and the human sentient relationship with nature which we refer to as “mutualism”.

The Mother Tree Hub Open Access Library also holds international research information specific to training programs presented by the Wildcraft Forest School.

The Open Access (OA) movement is based on the principle that the products of academic and citizen-based research should be freely accessible to everyone. And, behind this principle is the idea that the spirit of scholarly study is spreading knowledge in order to improve society for everyone.

We are constantly adding content to the library and we invite you to support our efforts. We also have a helpful tools section and we produce feature content which we distribute through our e-magazine the Forest Almanac.

Please explore the following Library Rooms:

Library 1 – A Sense of Place
Geographic and geological information; natural history; plant and animal identification.

Library 2 – Ecosystems, Watersheds, Species at Risk
How ecosystems work. Understanding environmental mapping, wetlands, forests and mountains.

Library 3 – Ancient Wisdom and Mutualism
Indigenous knowledge and relationships with nature.

Library 4 – Nature and Wellness
How nature is healthy for us from both a science and spirit perspective.

Library 5 – General Research
Current studies, articles and publications linked to biodiversity conservation and stewardship.

Library 6 – General Research
Current studies, articles and publications linked to biodiversity conservation and stewardship.

If you believe that you might benefit from the Mother Tree Hub and you are willing to expand your relationship with nature please contact us. 

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The Mother Tree Hub
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