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As you improve your skills at picking up feelings from plants and trees you will discover that plant energies within ecosystems gather into energy guilds. Often these guilds are strongest around Mother Trees. Like all plants, trees provide energy emissions, which also carry communication between themselves and others.

We really have a lot to learn about how everything works – and how everything is connected. Join us for a presentation about the importance of Mother Trees.
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Conservation Index
The Wildcraft Forest Foundation Annual Conservation Index identifies, observes and seeks support for the protection of remote habitat, old growth areas and species-at-risk. One of its primary goals is supporting an ongoing effort to encourage engagement and volunteerism to help rewild and protect remote areas within our watersheds.
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Rewilding a Place
The Mother Tree Hub helps the Wildcraft Forest Foundation deliver a primary mission of stewardship, rewilding areas; connecting people with nature activities; and to experience the sentience found in nature. We do this through education, habitat rehabilitation as well as plant nursery, trail development and maintenance efforts. Our Wild Regeneration Project: A Quest for Mother Trees in the North Okanagan and Monashee involves a multitude of activities including new experiential learning programs that will help people find, inventory, record and collect seed cones in areas of the Okanagan, Upper Shuswap River and Monashee Mountains.
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Creating a Relationship with Nature
The satisfaction of making bird nesting habitat, or planting trees – whatever the action might be, must be about helping those wild living beings first and foremost. By investing in nature, she will invest in us – this represents the true economy of a living Earth – and this helps us grow mindfulness towards all living beings; and then towards each other.
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The Trail of Song: A National Healing Forest
In conjunction with the National Healing Forest initiative the Wildcraft Forest is now embarking on an expansion called, “The Trail of Song”. Healing Forests are where survivors and families of the Residential School legacy and murdered and missing Indigenous women, as well as all Canadians, can come together to heal, do ceremony, reflect, talk or meditate. Within the Healing Forest, all individuals, including survivors and their families, can share and better understand the legacy of the residential school system and move forward in a positive way.
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The Healing Forest – Sharing Our Stories
The Mother Tree Hub serves as a portal for stories about how nature and forests can heal. With support from the Regional District of the North Okanagan Conservation Fund, the David Suzuki Foundation and other sponsors the foundation is tasked with delivering a series of articles, tools and videos linked to healing, reconciliation and the Trail of Song.
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Green Earth Offsets
Green Earth Offsets represents a conservation and carbon offsetting program presented by the Wildcraft Forest Foundation. This effort supports tangible watershed conservation and restoration programs in British Columbia as well as the foundation's Sanctuary Forest Network.
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Food Security Index
The Mother Tree Hub is developing a model to measure “local and tangible” food security profiles in the southern interior of BC. The first Food Security Index Report will be available in 2023.
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Sanctuary Forest Network
The Wildcraft Forest Foundation practices regenerative forest stewardship, which includes propagating “whole forest systems”; this includes the forest over-story and the under-story. We have created a network of Yasei Sanctuary Forests, which serve as protected forests where each is used as a base to protect and restore wild ecosystems while propagating wild and domesticated food and medicine crops in small wild dynamic gardens. The Mother Tree Hub supports the foundations efforts by securing leadership, engagement, research and partners as the Sanctuary Forest Network develops.
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The Forest Almanac
The Forest Almanac seeks to educate, advocate and explore the regenerative forest through sentience, stewardship, science, spirit and sanctuary. As a production from the Wildcraft Forest School Extension Program we endeavor to bring a greater understanding of natural systems and the tools required so that we may better rewild planet Earth. This e-magazine helps people explore environmental problems from a practical, how-to standpoint.
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Elder Greens Canada
Elder Greens Canada represents an effort to support and engage with wisdom held by Elders as we seek to support and deliver regenerative stewardship. As a project supported by the Mother Tree Hub this effort produces social media features, articles and podcasts which carry the historical wisdom of the Green Movement in Canada and beyond.
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Kids in the Wild
The Mother Tree Hub is developing a variety of tools that help parents, children and teachers explore regenerative stewardship. Explore tools that can be downloaded from our tools section and read helpful articles in our library. The Mother Tree Hub is recruiting leadership and sponsorship with a goal to train and certify 200 practitioners across Canada the US and beyond for the Indigo Forest School Program.
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Nature for New Canadians
Every year Canada opens its doors to nearly a half a million immigrants who will become citizens of a great land that is rich with wilderness. Nature for New Canadians is about bringing the wonders of nature to newcomers and providing them with up-close knowledge about ecosystems and local natural attractions so that they can begin to connect with wild places in a safe and comfortable manner. This program also shares with them a history of the environmental movement and the importance that stewardship has in protecting these wild places. The Mother Tree Hub is recruiting leadership and sponsorship with a goal to train and certify 200 guides across Canada for the Nature for New Canadians program.
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The Mother Tree Hub
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