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As you improve your skills at picking up feelings from plants and trees you will discover that plant energies within ecosystems gather into energy guilds. Often these guilds are strongest around Mother Trees. Like all plants, trees provide energy emissions, which also carry communication between themselves and others.

We really have a lot to learn about how everything works – and how everything is connected. Join us for a presentation about the importance of Mother Trees.
The Trail of Song is part of the National Healing Forests for Reconciliation Network and is located at the Wildcraft Forest.

The Wildcraft Forest is located on the eastern edge of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia and is home to one of Canada’s first sculpture trails, which celebrates environmental art. This artist run centre has been operating non-stop since 1981 and has been home to the Wildcraft Forest School for over a decade. The school has become renowned for teaching unique forms of environmental education, forest therapy and stewardship.

In conjunction with the National Healing Forest initiative the centre is now embarking on an expansion called, “The Trail of Song”. The National Healing Forest involves inviting communities, citizens and institutions to set aside land for the development of Healing Forests where survivors and families of the Residential School legacy and murdered and missing Indigenous women, as well as all Canadians, can come together to heal, do ceremony, reflect, talk or meditate. Within the Healing Forest, all individuals, including survivors and their families, can share and better understand the legacy of the residential school system and move forward in a positive way.

The Trail of Song represents fifteen meditation sites along one kilometer of meandering forested trail. Each meditation site consists of a prayer cairn which displays a work of poetry, prayer, story or song from a visiting artist. The trail represents a gallery for writers to display their work. Thirty visiting writers will be featured during different times over the course of the year. Each will be challenged with writing about the themes of nature and healing. Out of the thirty visiting artists 10 to 15 will be Indigenous.

The Trail of Song serves as an event platform in the trees for guest speakers, workshops, healing sessions and cross cultural understanding all in an effort to assist healing for any Canadian individual or group, Indigenous, or non-Indigenous.

Phase One of the Trail of Song will be complete in November 2023 and will include volunteer work events that will promote the project and the National Healing Forest initiative.

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